My name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jen. I created this space for you to explore what I strive off - my jewellery brands - Big Daddy Ella and MUMMY ELLA. 

As a performer, I was always looking for statement pieces to wear while on stage, wanting them to fit a casual, chic look. Struggling to find the perfect statement piece, I decided to create my own necklaces. Growing up, I explored the world. I started collecting materials and special pieces from places I visited that had a market, especially in Turkey. Rummaging through and finding unique pieces to add to my outfits - be it clothing or jewellery - it was a passion that kick-started my journey to build BDE into what it is today. 

At first the creation process was my downtime from my music, I soon realised I could combine the two. So, quickly my typical day would turn into me sitting in my studio - listening to new beats and melodies - creating necklaces and coming up with new songs. 

So whenever I'd finish a piece, I’d wear it at concerts, brunches and everywhere else I went. Thats where my friends and family started expressing an interest for them selves or for a loved one. And voila, thats how I began making jewellery as part of my day-to-day life. In addition to the collection, I offer customers unique pieces. I love thinking of the person I’m making it for and bringing their personality into it as much as possible.

Fun fact about the name, Big Daddy Ella: 

Well, my Dad was given this super 80’s style jumper for my birth. It read “BIG DADDY” on the back of it. From that moment I knew my style. I kept sneaking into his closet to get the sweater, and wear it. He quickly noticed  and got it back somehow. After 20 years of the “jumper-stealing-game” he wrapped it up for Christmas. I think that was the best  gift I had ever received. Combining that together with one of my favourite singers of all time, Ella Fitzgerald.

Now, I’m a lucky mum of twin boys, and I quickly came to realise that my Big Daddy Ella necklaces, that had been my staple pieces, weren’t so ideal to wear while breastfeeding or holding my sweet boys anymore, especially now that they’re into putting everything they come across, straight into their mouth. Hence my second jewelry baby, MUMMY ELLA, was born. I wanted to design a baby friendly necklace (sterilisable, chewable etc.) without compromising the stylish Mum’s look. I basically wanted to make my old designs, but baby proof.

I’m happy to say MUMMY ELLA is launching on May 6th 2019, just in time for mother’s day!