My name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jen. I created this space for you to explore what I strive off - my jewellery brand - Big Daddy Ella. 

As a performer, I was always looking for statement pieces to wear while on stage, wanting them to fit a casual, chic look. Struggling to find the perfect statement piece, I decided to create my own necklaces. Growing up, I explored the world. I started collecting materials and special pieces from places I visited that had a market, especially in Turkey. Rummaging through and finding unique pieces to add to my outfits - be it clothing or jewellery - it was a passion that kick-started my journey to build BDE into what it is today. 

At first the creation process was my downtime from my music, I soon realised I could combine the two. So, quickly my typical day would turn into me sitting in my studio - listening to new beats and melodies - creating necklaces and coming up with new songs. 

So whenever I'd finish a piece, I’d wear it at concerts, brunches and everywhere else I went. Thats where my friends and family started expressing an interest for them selves or for a loved one. And voila, thats how I began making jewellery as part of my day-to-day life. In addition to the collection, I offer customers unique pieces. I love thinking of the person I’m making it for and bringing their personality into it as much as possible.

Fun fact about the name, Big Daddy Ella: 

Well, my Dad was given this super 80’s style jumper for my birth. It read “BIG DADDY” on the back of it. From that moment I knew my style. I kept sneaking into his closet to get the sweater, and wear it. He quickly noticed  and got it back somehow. After 20 years of the “jumper-stealing-game” he wrapped it up for Christmas. I think that was the best  gift I had ever received. Combining that together with one of my favourite singers of all time, Ella Fitzgerald.